Friday, August 21, 2009


Praying mantis

This little guy was sitting behind us at the Rockies game this evening. How did he get into the upperdeck? No one knows. One thing I do know, he didn't pray hard enough for the Rockies to beat the Giants. Sad showing tonight, but I suppose Carly is happy her team won, right?

Coors Field, Denver, CO


  1. Well, you guys kicked the crap out of us on Saturday. I don't even know who won last night or what the outcome of the wild card is.

  2. Last night it went to the 14th inning! The 14th!! But then the Rockies won when Spilborghs hit a grand slam walk-off homer! For the Wild Card, the Rockies are leading your Giants by 4, but they are only 3 behind the Dodgers who we are playing next. Then we play the Giants again, I think. Oooooh, exciting!!

  3. mantis are so cool, awesome pic.