Tuesday, June 30, 2009

8:00 am, 6.30.09

A bee on what I believe to be crepe myrtle.

My mom in a bike path tunnel.

My mom and I went on a walk with my uncle Dean, who had flown out from Virginia to see Grammy and say goodbye. It was wonderful to see the whole family, even under the circumstances.

Davis, CA

11:47 pm, 6.30.09

This is the only picture I took today of (on the left) my dear friend Jenny and her sweet man, D, and (on the right) their friends visiting from Pennsylvania. We all tried to go to Film on the Rocks, but apparently the Princess Bride is very popular and they sold out. So, we came back to Denver and saw Away We Go at the Mayan instead.

And oh my lord, I LOVED it. I did happen to cry through, well, through pretty much the whole movie because I cry when people love each other. So, go see it, I say. And, I hope that your experience can be as good as mine--watching a movie about real good sweet love sitting next to your own honey and flanked by two couples who also embody that kind of love.

Denver, CO

Monday, June 29, 2009

7:30 am, 6.29.09

A rabbit outside of the hotel room my mom and I were staying in.

The entire field was filled with them!

Davis, CA

5:55 pm, 6.29.09

I've been terribly bad about taking pictures lately. I need to get back on the wagon. If you called it summer ennui, I'd probably agree with you. I have been making a awful lot of salads lately, however. Included is this Three Bean Salad which is pleasant in large part because of the fresh green beans.

Denver, CO

Sunday, June 28, 2009

1:15 pm, 6.28.09

My mom and sleeping grandmother. She had a stroke last Thursday and it looks like it was a terminal event. She's on hospice now, so over the weekend my mom and I visited her at her retirement community. She is my only remaining grandparent, aside from her husband of four years.

Davis, CA

8:42 pm, 6.28.09

Amazing sunset at City Park tonight.

Also, Pete won "Best Fixie" at the Bike Denver bicycle parking without even knowing he was entering a contest. It is hard to see, but he has stickers on the bike that say "bicycle" in many many different languages, so, it is actually a pretty sweet fixie.

City Park, Denver, CO

Saturday, June 27, 2009

8:27pm, 6.27.09

I took this at the b-day party Tessa and I attended today. Happy birthday Alex!

Golden, CO

10:21 am, 6.27.09

Mushroom in my mom's front yard.

Sebastopol, CA

Friday, June 26, 2009

9:03 pm, 6.26.09

Sleepy Jon Jon

San Francisco, CA

3:56 pm, 6.26.09

So, I rode my bike to Elitch Lanes on Friday morning to meet some friends for a little mid-day bowling (I'm so spoiled in summer right now.) And then, of course, just when we finished playing, a torrential downpour began, complete with lightening and frighteningly loud thunder. So, we played another round and waited for the storm to blow over. And it did! But, on the bike ride home, I encountered this. Looks like the bike path flash flooded.

Cherry Creek Bike Path, Denver, CO

Thursday, June 25, 2009

8:04 am, 6.25.09


San Francisco, CA

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Okay, Mother Nature. Don't you think this is a little over the top?

Laramie, WY

10:16 pm, 6.24.09

Look what I bought! It's late and the battery is charging, so pictures from this baby will have to wait until tomorrow. :D

Note: I am trying to wean myself off of smilies, or emoticons if you will. I can't decide if they are a good way to show emotion while typing or signs of the approaching apocalypse, but either way I feel it is more professional not to use them, so I'm trying to break my habit of using them so they don't pop up in IMs to my co-workers. But I really think this one is needed to show how excited I am about this camera. I have been saving up and waiting for this for a long time!

San Francisco, CA

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6:48 pm, 6.23.09

The lovely GPS train predictor. It doesn't work most of the time. For instance, while I was standing here it changed from "3 min & 4 min" to "3 min & 11 min" to "5 min & 5 min" to "7 min & 14 min" and so on. Finally one came but was too full for me to get on. Ah...the joys of SF public transportation.

San Francisco, CA


I could see myself living on a Jasmine/egg farm right about here. It's so green this year!

Near Laport, Colorado

Monday, June 22, 2009

11:56 pm, 6.20.09

Submerged Rose Stems

Forestville, CA

(I'm cheating on this post, as it was taken over the weekend. I just really loved this picture and didn't actually take one today.)


Just South of Laramie, WY

Sunday, June 21, 2009

7:31 pm, 6.21.09

A leaf at by dad's house with the evening light of the longest day of the year shining through it. Happy Summer Solstice everybody!

Forestville, CA

10:23 am, 6.21.09

Here is breakfast today. In addition to eggs on English muffins, it includes a salad made from ingredients exclusively from the garden: lettuces, radishes and basil!

Denver, CO


Katy! She's growing her fur back after a trip to the groomers.

Laramie, Wyoming

Saturday, June 20, 2009

6:36 pm, 6.20.09

This was probably the best pizza I've ever had. My dad made it on his pizza stone, which is actually a kiln shelf.

Forestville, CA

1:42pm, 6.20.09

T's parents bought me a "Humpy" cookie cutter when they were in Alaska a month or so ago. The Humpy, if you didn't know, is the nickname for an Alaskan pink salmon. I made these cookies for T's dad's b-day because he just loves sugar cookies. And fishing.

Denver, CO


Laramie, WY

Friday, June 19, 2009

7:37 pm, 6.19.09

I feel incredibly guilty for taking this picture while driving, but I was trying to take a picture of these really great clouds, which of course you can't see very well in the picture.

Novato, CA

Thursday, June 18, 2009

7:57 pm, 6.18.09

Ok, so this is the third time I will have posted a picture of this orchid. However, I think this is noteworthy. This newly opened bud is on the very same bloom spike that I have taken pictures of in the past. It is still blooming! Still! That's crazy!

San Francisco, CA

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10:25 pm, 6.17.09

About four months ago (huge estimate) San Francisco started providing its residents with green bins, to sit along side the blue and black ones, in an effort to become the first zero waste city. Our apartment complex, however, did not offer green bins to it's residents...until now! As an incentive for us to start actually composting, they are giving away free counter top compost buckets with biodegradable bags. Here is ours. I'm very excited about this, and you know why?!? Because now we can throw our soiled paper products, including waxed paper such as coffee cups and milk cartons, in something other than the trash! How awesome is that?!

San Francisco, CA

1:11 pm, 6.17.09

Everyone loves chocolate mousse!

This is Brooklynn, my friend's kiddo, at lunch today at Trattoria Stella (where, incidentally, they have a delicious grilled veggie sandwich with goat cheese.)

Denver, CO


Laramie, WY

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

9:32 pm, 6.16.09

On Sunday, D and I went to Costco and came home with our usual Costco haul, which included (but was not limited to) a six month supply of toilet paper, paper towels (both 100% recycled), toothpaste, tooth brushes, a giant tub of the best artichoke-jalapeƱo dip you've ever tasted, and a lifetime supply of energy efficient light bulbs. Our house is now 99% energy efficient when it comes to light bulbs (we have these weird "candle" lights in the chandelier above the table, and I don't think those are yet available in energy efficient bulbs).

This makes me very happy.

San Francisco, CA


The house of which I posted a pic a week or two ago didn't pan out - major flooding issues that the seller was hiding. So, THIS will be my new home! It's small, a bit of a fixer-upper and I don't know what do do with that big, blank area above the door & windows. I'm quite excited.

Laramie, WY

Monday, June 15, 2009

7:24 pm, 6.15.09

And yet another kitty picture, and the only picture I took today. This is a sweet little kitty who sometimes looks out the window at me as I pass by on my way home from work.

San Francisco, CA


Alongside 287, on the way back up to Laramie from Denver.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

10:01 pm, 6.14.09

Jon Jon cuddle. A little blurry, but this was the only picture I took today.

San Francisco, CA


It rained and hailed at my Mom's in Wheat Ridge today. All of my images of the hail turned out blurry, however. Nevertheless, this is my Mom running in after checking my neighbor/Aunt's garden.

8:40 pm, 6.14.09

The first products of our garden! French breakfast radishes.

Denver, CO

Saturday, June 13, 2009

6:13 pm, 6.13.09

I have been very bad about posting pictures lately. I have been completely absorbed in my job (which is currently very rough and challenging) and not taking care of myself or finding time to do things I love, which honestly has made me a little miserable. I have been taking pictures though, almost every day, so they are now posted.

Today I took a day to do things I'd been meaning to do for a long time. I donated blood this morning, got an oil change (which my car is very happy about), had some body work done (massage and work to correct my bad posture from sitting in front of a computer all day which is making me hurt all over), and then I got some frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries. It is the best frozen yogurt I've found in SF. It's the kind that actually is made from real plain yogurt, so it's kind of tangy and not too sweet. Yum.

San Francisco, CA


My Mom's cat, Chuck. His name suits him rather well.

Wheat Ridge, CO

11:52 am, 6.13.09

A bear! We saw a bear!!

Yellowstone National Park, WY

Friday, June 12, 2009

7:08 am, 6.12.09

The few flowers from my mom's birthday bouquet in the thin light of the morning. They are still going strong over three weeks later.

San Francisco, CA


Leaves after a rainstorm.

Wheat Ridge, CO


12:56 pmAn old burnt out tree trunk at the top of Bunsen Peak that Trey and I hiked up. I just loved the patterns inside the bark.

2:58 pm

A mule deer fawn! Isn't is so cute?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

6:30 pm, 6.11.09

One of the branches of the SF public library.

San Francisco, CA

5:25 pm, 6.11.09

Trees along the trail headed to the Artists' Paint Pots geysers in Yellowstone. I think the old lodge pole pines are so beautiful contrasted with the sky and the new growth after the 1989 fire.
Looking down on some of the "paint pots." Thermophilic bacteria make the different levels of heat in the geysers different colors.

Artists' Paint Pots, Yellowstone National Park, WY