Friday, May 22, 2009

11:46 5.22.09


This beautiful butterfly landed on the railing right in front of us in the rain forest dome. There were a ton of butterflies all around, flitting right past us as we walked up the five story spiral ramp to the rain forest canopy.

At the bottom of the rain forest you can walk underneath the flooded Amazon floor. Some of these fish were HUGE! This is a smaller one.

For my birthday I took the day off work (4 day weekend baby!) and went to the California Academy of Sciences with Ingert, his girlfriend, my dad and my step-mom. It was fantastic! Steph, you HAVE to go here when you visit!

San Francisco, CA


  1. Oh my god! I didn't realize HOW cool it was. I'm definitely going!! This is amazing! Tessa, ditch house sitting!

  2. And this is only a small part of it! It was really cool. We spent the entire day there and didn't get to see everything. I missed the Galapagos exhibit and the ecology exhibit. The longest line was for the rain forest, but it died down as the day went on.

  3. Who cares about dogs! I gotta look at fish. That butterfly photo is truly amazing. Wow. Do you know what kind it is?

  4. After some searching, it seems that it is a morpho butterfly. I had no idea when I saw it. I love it!