Friday, May 1, 2009

8:05 am, 5.1.09

I took this picture of the clock tower at the fairy building, and then I heard some weird squawking noises and realized that there were green parrots flying around everywhere. They are the parrots of Telegraph Hill. Legend has it that some pet parrots got away and now there is an entire colony of them living in the trees all around Coit Tower. I guess they flew down to the ferry building to say hi this morning. I also didn't realize until I got home that I actually caught a few parrots flying in my picture of the clock tower!

San Francisco, CA


  1. So cool! There is a documentary about those birds, isn't there?

  2. Yes, it's called "The Parrots of Telegraph Hill." It's a very creative title. I've never seen it, but it's been on my Netflix queue for years. It's supposed to be good.

  3. it is good. watched it a few years ago.