Saturday, April 18, 2009

2:28 pm, 4.18.09

Rainy day pictures. (And making up for some lazy-no-post days.)

Denver, CO


  1. That tree is awesome! When are you going to teach me your camera tricks? I want to take pics like your first one!!

  2. I love the tree too! I walk by it a lot and never saw the green until it rained. Hello photosynthesis!

    Also, there aren't any tricks, I just held the camera real low and set it on macro, then let it focus for itself. And then I took about 5 pictures of the same thing and hoped one of them looked kinda cool. It is a VERY scientific process.

  3. Carly's tip of the day

    One trick macro or zoom shots is to set the camera on something, like the ground or propped on some books in my case, but you could even be crazy and use a tripod. Then set the timer to the 2 or 3 second setting, which most cameras should have. Press the button and then let go of the camera completely. That way you will ensure that you aren't moving the camera by pressing the button. You will be able to get a non-blurry photo this way.

    You can also use this technique at night in conjunction with a longer than normal exposure time, which will give you brighter and crisp night shots.