Monday, April 6, 2009

9:37 am, 4.6.09

They're still trying to live! I don't know what kind of flower these are, but I am certain they belong to the lily family. Are they crocus? They look too bunched to be crocus. Thoughts?

Wheat Ridge, CO


  1. I have no idea. I just wish I had flowers like that round here.

  2. I like your cowgirl 'twang. Who needs an "a" when 'round works just fine?

    You'll have flowers some day! Or, maybe you should come down here for a weekend? These are at my mom's house. Hm?

  3. So, I have no idea what kind of flower that is, but I do think it's in the crocus family. But while looking through Wikipedia for crocuses I discovered that saffron comes from a crocus plant! Crocus sativus. Did you know that?!?