Wednesday, June 24, 2009

10:16 pm, 6.24.09

Look what I bought! It's late and the battery is charging, so pictures from this baby will have to wait until tomorrow. :D

Note: I am trying to wean myself off of smilies, or emoticons if you will. I can't decide if they are a good way to show emotion while typing or signs of the approaching apocalypse, but either way I feel it is more professional not to use them, so I'm trying to break my habit of using them so they don't pop up in IMs to my co-workers. But I really think this one is needed to show how excited I am about this camera. I have been saving up and waiting for this for a long time!

San Francisco, CA


  1. No, it is the Rebel T1i and I love it! Pictures will be posted this weekend.

  2. How exciting!!!! I feel the same way about emoticons, and "lol" and excessive exclamation points. No conclusions. Still pondering. But, so happy for you!!!! :)