Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1:09pm, 6.3.09

I bow to you, oh, food mecca!

I treated myself to a meal at Chez Panisse today and it did not disappoint. Let me tell you about it. After I was seated, I was offered the house filtered water-- either still or sparkling. I chose sparkling. I also got a glass of Touraine Sauvignon which I had never had before, but it was a delicious white wine. The waiter told me "at this time of day, I think this is a nice wine to become friends with." Next, he delivered homemade bread and some of the most delicious fresh butter I've ever tasted. To start, I got a cauliflower and green bean salad which maybe sounds kind of weird, but had the best green beans ever, and slightly cooked cold cauliflower. It was dressed with basil and lemon, and then all placed on a "relish", which was more a a puree, of red peppers and walnuts. It was devine. For the main course I had a Provencal fish and shellfish stew. It had saffron! It had aoli! It was delectible. And for dessert, I had a wonderful berry shortcake with whipped cream. I loved every bit. I advise all readers to go here if you have some money to invest in a nice meal and are in the Berkeley area.

Berkeley, CA

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  1. Oh man! I have to go there. How have I lived here this long and never been there?!?