Thursday, June 4, 2009

11:42 am, 6.4.09

Okay, so, I love food. Mostly what I did on this trip when Carly was working was walk around SF, look at pretty things, and eat. I got this beauty at Blue Bottle Coffee along with some of the best coffee I think I've ever had. This is a "Belgian Street Waffle" which was made with organic whole wheat flour and then dipped in melted dark chocolate. Splendid, I tell you, splendid. I ate this as I walked down the Embarcadero toward the Alcatraz ferry.

San Francisco, CA


  1. ...where they tried to take your picture, before you boarded the boat, with chocolate on your face. :)

  2. But really, that does look amazing. I'll have to make a special trip down there just for that. Or leave early for work on a Tuesday. Ohh! That's tomorrow!

  3. That's exactly right. Though, I did manage to get the dusting of powdered sugar off my jacket before that. It was so good Carly. Seriously. Let me know if you get one.