Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10:25 pm, 6.17.09

About four months ago (huge estimate) San Francisco started providing its residents with green bins, to sit along side the blue and black ones, in an effort to become the first zero waste city. Our apartment complex, however, did not offer green bins to it's residents...until now! As an incentive for us to start actually composting, they are giving away free counter top compost buckets with biodegradable bags. Here is ours. I'm very excited about this, and you know why?!? Because now we can throw our soiled paper products, including waxed paper such as coffee cups and milk cartons, in something other than the trash! How awesome is that?!

San Francisco, CA


  1. I started this week too! Now I feel very superior to those who just toss coffee filters or apple cores into the trash. Now all I need is my Prius...

  2. That IS awesome! Wow. I love it. I wonder if Denver could pull this off? There are some "pilot" compost programs going on in certain areas right now, but it has yet to be implemented for the whole city.

    I recently promised myself that I would no longer buy coffee from a shop unless I had brought my "travel mug" with me, and I've been going strong since the end of May. But composting those cups for the times when coffee is more important than the environment? Now, that's a real treat.