Friday, January 30, 2009

11:00pm, 1.30.09

My first game of Go.

Coal Creek Coffee, Laramie, Wy.


  1. I love that game, and I haven't played in forever. Looks like a fun coffee house.

    I don't remember Laramie being would I say Steph, remember when we drove through Laramie in 2000 when we were driving my stuff back to CA? Maybe we missed Laramie proper.

  2. Carly, we did miss Laramie proper, I think. I don't remember stopping (did we?), which means we breezed by on I-80 and nearly clipped the corner of Tessa's ranch on one side and then missed Laramie on the other. Tessa can speak better to this, but Laramie seems to have its charms-- there's the University of Wyoming and even a vegetarian cafe.

    Though, there's also a place called "Shari's" which can only be described as "shitty." Right Tesser?

  3. We did stop to eat at this weird gas station, greasy diner, gift shop thingy. And at the time the only thing either of us connected with Laramie was Matthew Shepard. And we thought everyone was really weird, 'cause they were all staring at us. But it was right off I-80, so it must have been a truck stop.

  4. Laramie has shitty elements, like Sharis. I still don't know why we went there. We'd've been better off at that obnoxious Petro. But, yes, there are some charming elements. Downtown is really nice. And, this coffee shop is quite charming. I was in there for a bluegrass concert, which was really good.

  5. Well, that settles it. I will just have to visit Laramie and make some new memories to cover up the old ones.