Saturday, January 10, 2009

4:57pm, 1.10.09

In drawing I last semester, our final assignment was to draw an "object out of place." Since we were supposed to draw from life, I ended up spending HOURS in my chicken coop drawing billiard balls in the nest boxes. I wanted to continue in the series and draw billiard balls elsewhere, so this (billiard balls in a buffalo skull) is one idea---though I probably won't use it.

Laramie, Wy.


  1. That is a cool idea! I like it!! The ball in the eye-socket is slightly disconcerting, however.

  2. I agree. That one caught my attention too.

  3. I wouldn't say disgusting, just eyeballesque. I'm quite a fan of bones actually, and the juxtaposition of the pool balls strikes my fancy.