Tuesday, January 13, 2009

6:50 am, 1.13.09

The moon hanging in the sky before sunrise.

My neighborhood, Denver, CO


  1. I love all the shades of blue! I also miss the snow.

  2. Why why WHY are you out on the streets of your neighborhood at 6:50? And, please don't say in order to catch a bus and make it to Boulder for an 8am class. Then I'd really have no excuse to bitch about my 8am class. Lord knows I don't get up that early.

  3. Unfortunately, that's exactly why. I've got to be in Boulder to teach an 8am recitation on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I've decided it's going to be okay, though, for several reasons: 1) I will get to see sunrises more often, 2) I'll get a lot done during those days, and 3) I don't have to go up to B-town at all on Wed. or Fri. so it's an okay trade-off.