Tuesday, January 20, 2009

9:11 pm, 1.20.09

Happy Barack Obama is our president day!! I watched the inauguration address a the University of Colorado student union with a bunch of other civic minded students. (I let my class go early so they could watch it, too.) Everyone was happy and cheering. After I got home, T and I walked down to the Skylark to join one of the multitude of "neighborhood inagural balls" being hosted around the country. Notice in this picture, from left to right: 1) Obama/Biden poster, 2) neon beer sign back-lighting the flag, 3) an effigy of Bush hanging by his neck. I don't wish Bush that kind of ill, but I am awfully glad he isn't our president any more.


  1. Yay!!! This was a truly great day. I watched everyone file into their seats in front of the capitol at home while getting ready for work, and cried quietly as to not wake David. I drove to work listening to Feinstein's introduction on NPR, where I tried to drive safely through the tears. I got to work early so I could watch the swearing in, which I did, alone in the office. And boy am I glad I was alone because I was bawling. And I had a huge embarrassing smile on my face the entire time. My boss came in half way through Obama's address and he got all choked up. It's good to feel like we are on the right track again.

  2. I started crying too while I watched the ceremony, but then tried to hold it in because I was around strangers and potentially around my students, but holy moly was it an emotional day! I'm so happy that we finally have a president to believe in, and one that we identified with enough to help get elected, and I'm so happy to feel proud of the U.S. presidency for once rather then feeling just sorely disappointed! Thank you America!