Thursday, January 22, 2009

4:25 pm, 1.22.09

This little guy belonged to one of my old roommates; I have no idea which one. It sat in the back patio, completely dead, for over a year. And then it sprouted to life again, completely without help or water from me. He's my little miracle plant, albeit a desert plant. I think it's hard to kill desert plants, no matter how much I neglect to water them.

Also, I love the color blue that they painted my neighbor's house, don't you? Our house, sadly, was painted a rust brown. It's not horrible, but I wanted the blue. Granted, we can't see the outside of our house out of any of our windows, and we can see this lovely blue wall from our living room. :)

San Francisco, CA


  1. I have a plant just like that which is slowly dying in our guest room. I hope it comes back to life like yours.

  2. This is so cooooool! I love plants. They're full of magic. Also, I do like that color of paint!