Tuesday, January 27, 2009

6:53 pm, 1.27.09

Jon Jon likes to be near us most of the time, but he doesn't like to let on that he's needy. So he often hangs out just outside of the room we are in pretending that he would be there anyway, that it has nothing to do with us. Granted, if we closed the door, then he would meow up a storm to be let in. His coolness only goes so far before all pretenses are dropped and he lets us know how much he really does need to be right there with us.

San Francisco, CA


  1. Is Jon Jon like Pippen--When there's paperwork, sewing, bed-making and crafting to do he has to be right in the thick of things?

  2. Oh, bed-making...Jon Jon LOVES to be under the covers. He sleeps in the crook of my arm, under the covers, for parts of the night with his head resting on my shoulder. So when I'm putting the sheets on the bed he likes to "hide" under them. Making the bed around a cat is really fun, as I'm sure you know. I usually just tuck the fitted sheet in with him still under it.

    And yes, if there is something that has my attention he needs to get between that and myself. So if I'm lying down and reading, he sits on my chest between my eyes and the book.

  3. What therapy. I completely thought my obnoxious Pippen was the only cat who wedged himself between books and me. Sometimes I have to pretend that only the upper half of my laptop exists since he looooves sitting on top of me when I'm online. But, last night when I was trying to watch BSG (I missed it Fri), I said enough was enough....he sat beside me and seemed pretty interested, actually.

  4. Haha! When I'm at work, and D is the only one in the house, Jon Jon will meow at him until D pets him. Well, we figured out that if D just puts a chair RIGHT next to his computer, then Jon Jon will sit in it and sleep with no more fuss. He just wants to know that we're thinking about him.

    Steph, you need to get a cat so you can share your stories too!

    What are we thinking about BSG?!? Mutiny?! OMG!

  5. YOU'RE telling ME I need to get a cat? Its making my heart hurt just listening to you two cat ladies. My landlord says we can't have one, but T's on board so as soon as we move, (next year, maybe?) I'm getting one. (Maybe two.)

    Can we start a BSG convo, because what's the deal with Tigh and the Six being PREGNANT? When did that happen? When he was beating her/getting to know his cylonicity when she was in confinement? And now they love each other? I'm confused. Also, I don't think Ellen is the final cylon-- I think Tigh had a synapse fried and I still think it's Gaeta and they're trying to trick us and he's going to be the instigator of a mutiny and THEN he's going to realize that he's a cylon too, and then we're all going to have to question why any of us ever think we're different from anyone else in any significant way.

  6. Ok, so we found out last year that Tigh slept with Six. Doc Cottle figured it out. I didn't know he was in love with her, aside from the fact that he kept thinking she was Ellen.

    I don't think that Ellen is the final cylon either, because I've always thought it was Gaeta too. And you have a very good point about Gaeta and the mutiny and then finding out he is a cylon. But I also have a hard time believing that Tigh would have a faulty memory, unless it is to prove how human-like the cylons are and their capacity for love.

    Does anyone else get frustrated with Roslin? I really want to love her, but she makes that very difficult!

    And what the heck is up with Starbuck? How is she not a cylon if she found herself dead?