Sunday, February 15, 2009

1:13 pm, 2.15.09

We took a stroll over to the urban community garden we hope to have a plot in this summer. It is next to a school, and in fact, half of the garden is farmed by students who sell the produce every week to the community. Right now, in the fallow season, however, the garden looks pretty derelict.

Denver, CO


  1. The slightly wonky horizon line really fits with the mood of this image.

    That's really exciting about having a garden plot! My friend's bf is building a greenhouse (after having just completed his straw bale chicken house!) and it makes me so excited! I love gardening!

  2. Did I mention I'm really EXCITED about gardening. (Maybe I should edit my sentences before clicking post.)

  3. I really like how run down this looks, especially knowing that it's probably an amazing garden in the spring and summer.

    It is very exciting that you might start gardening. Very exciting indeed.