Thursday, February 5, 2009

9:13 pm, 2.5.09

This house plant was doing terribly. I thought it was because it was winter. Then, I started feeding it via plant nutrients and now it's all perky again! I was starving my plants and that's why they were sad! I feel like a bad plant mama, but I'm glad I got it figured out. Good little plant.

Denver, CO


  1. I love plants. That's so cool that this one is doing well. I don't have any plants except a dying orchid, my pansy and that miracle desert plant. I wish I had a whole garden of them. But that would require time and energy.

    It makes sense that all this one needed was a little nutrients, but when I think of taking care of plants all I think about is water and sun, never plant food. I wonder why?

  2. I don't know, but I didn't think about it either until someone related plants to dogs, and she said: you wouldn't just feed your dog water would you? And I thought, no, but there is totally something wrong with your comparison, missy, because a dog will DIE and the plant isn't dying it's just sad. But, I decided to ask my mom if she gives her plants food because they are always thriving and, indeed, she said yes. I got the same stuff she uses and I put about 7 drops into the watering can each time I water (about once a week.) This plant, and the one in the bedroom are already growing new leaves in just two weeks. It's a miracle!