Thursday, February 5, 2009

5pm, 2.7.09

The contents of one of Mom's random boxes.

Wheat Ridge, CO


  1. Those are some sweet found objects! Are you going to use these for something?

  2. These are cool! I wonder what the dried rose was from? I love dried flowers with memories attached.

    And I didn't look at who posted this, just that it was from Wheat Ridge, CO, so I assumed it was Steph. And then I was really confused because she had already posted that day. My brain is not with me sometimes.

  3. Tessa's mom and my parents both live in the WR, and in fact, we even went to the same elementary school! (But we didn't know each other because I was, like, a cool 6th grader when she was a measly 4th grader, etc.) It is kind of a wonder that we didn't meet until we were both out of college, but such is life.