Monday, February 16, 2009

11:34 am, 2.16.09

Look what I found today!!! I don't know from what kind of bulb these emerge (tulip? crocus?) but they do, indeed, emerge. Spring will spring again!! These fill me up with hope.

University of Colorado, Boulder, CO


  1. Wow. Crocus come first, right? Is it really that season or are those little guys popping up a earlier than normal?

  2. Well, at the risk of destroying just a tiny bit of that spring hope, I do think that this is in an area that stays pretty warm due to the steam heat running under the campus. But still!!! Hope!!!!

  3. I love it when plants grow and parts of their seed pods or bulb sheaths get stuck on the new growth. It makes me feel like the plant burst forth so quickly, so excitedly, that part of it's underthings got caught and came with it. Kind of like the Hulk's purple pants.

  4. That is making me laugh like crazy! You got all poetic about nature and then you brought it all back to the Hulk's purple pants. Fun to say and illustrative at the same time ... just one of the many reasons why I love you. :)

    And, yes. I like that too.