Tuesday, February 3, 2009

5:57 pm, 2.3.09

So, today was my first day of work, and it turns out that my office building is right under Coit Tower. I'm now commuting and working in a much more San Franciscan part of San Francisco. It is also a longer commute, more expensive to buy lunch and much more touristy. I think it's an ok trade off for a better paying job and getting to ride an historic rail car by the bay every day.

San Francisco, CA


  1. Yes! That sounds quite nice. Congrats on the new job. Keep telling us more about it. Actually, I've only heard from S what exactly you do and it sounds amazing... but I'd like to hear in your own words, too.

  2. Also, you're close to that Italian bakery! I think its Cafe Stella? Get a cannoli, you won't be sorry. Oh, hey, I found the website! It's on Columbus. It's not THAT close, but kind of.

  3. I'll write you two an email about the job after tomorrow.

    And, yes, Cafe Stella not only is several blocks away and up and over a huge cliff/hill. It would be a bit of a trek to get to. But I will have to try a cannoli from there sometime. Mmm...cannoli...