Wednesday, February 25, 2009

4:00pm, 2.25.09

My photo doesn't do Haley Hasler justice. Her paintings, part of the "Dress Code" exhibit at the Fort Collins Art Museum, were incredible. They're self-portraits which reference history and religious imagery while also showing Hasler in her role as a harried mother. I really love how wonky and silly they are.

Fort Collins, CO


  1. A lot of my indoor pics have a yellowish, ugly tint. How do I fix that? Right now I'm just using the automatic button with flash. I should really re-learn SLR.

  2. Oh, I like them!

    My indoor pics do the same thing, unless I adjust the white balance (or used the handy dandy indoor setting). But I don't have an SLR, just a point and shoot, so it may be different.

  3. I like these too. I may have to take trip up north!

    Also, I agree with Carlyn. If you know how to adjust your white balance in the menu it could help you. I don't know how to do it on the Nikon, but on the Canon, in Manual mode (or any of the semi-manual modes) you hit the Menu button and then you can go down to the place where it either has an icon of a sun, or an incandescent light, or a fluorescent light or a box that says "AWB" for "auto white balance" (or a number of others) and then you just select whichever one suits the situation in which you find yourself.

    If you have editing software you can usually also do something like "remove color cast" and that helps too...