Friday, February 13, 2009

9:14pm, 2.13.09

My favorite movie theater in Denver: The Mayan. We were thinking about seeing a movie here tonight, but decided that instead of seeing "The Wrestler" (the only movie we haven't see there, yet), we would just go home and catch up on BSG. :)

Denver, CO


  1. Speaking of BSG: Last week's episode was...pretty good. But, two weeks ago: HOLY SHIT! Man, that was a gooood episode!

  2. Yeah, agreed! I liked last week's though, because I love finding out new stuff about the cylons, and I'm so glad Boomer turned against the "bad" cylons to save Ellen! I can't wait to see what happens next week! I hope she and Tyrol meet up again!!! It will be the first meeting after they both know that they are cylons, right? Does Boomer even know that the Chief is one?!?! So many questions!!! I predict that they will fall in love again, now that they both know they are cylons, and since the Chief is the reproducing kind they could have a baby (his first one, since Cally's baby wasn't his)! So exciting!