Saturday, February 7, 2009

2:52 pm, 2.7.09

Did I travel to a tropical location today? Nope. There is a huge bush of these in the courtyard behind my house. I believe it is a passion flower, but this one does not produce passion fruit. Although, a few years ago I did see some sort of fruit on this bush, but I think it was a fluke, as I have not seen the fruit again. And believe me, I've been looking.

San Francisco, CA

UPDATE: This may not be a passion flower, but I think it is related. Or so says the google image search for "pink passion flower."

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  1. I could see that being a really nasty smelling flower, despite how beautiful it is. I like how you can see the shadow from the stamen and pistil on the petals. (I loved the flower anatomy unit in high school bio.)